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ronpansy_ldws's Journal

Ron/Pansy Last Drabble Writer Standing
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1. You must join the community in order to participate in the competition.

2. Writers must sign up at the beginning of a round to be eligible for the contest.

3. Drabbles must be anonymous. Please do not post or show them to anyone else (beta excluded) until we announce winners.

4. Challenges will be issued on Saturdays.

5. Drabbles are due before midnight (EST) on Wednesday every week.

6. Voting begins on Thursday and ends at midnight (EST) on Friday.

7. Word limits will be specified for each challenge. All ratings are welcome.

8. Contestants have one "skip" per round which they can use before the semifinals (four contestants remaining). No skips are allowed for the first challenge or for "lightning rounds".

9. Contestants may NOT vote for themselves and MUST vote every challenge.

10. You do not need to be a member to vote.

11. Each challenge Mod's Choice drabble will be announced along with the winning drabble for that challenge. The Mod’s Choice drabble is selected based on moderator preference and is not influenced by the voters.

12. In the event of a tie for Most Favorite, the drabble with the most Most Favorite votes will be the winner. In the event of a tie for Least Favorite, the drabble with the most Least Favorite votes will be eliminated.

13. If a tie still remains for Most or Least Favorite then a 24-hour tie-breaker round will be used to break the tie.

14. Drabbles must have Ron and Pansy as the main characters (romance is optional).

15. No sockpuppet voting. What do we mean by that? Don't create accounts for the purpose of voting for yourself aka in the real world as ballot-stuffing.

16. If you've read these rules, include the password in your sign-up post. The password for this round is "Kettle Corn"


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